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Support during Normal Business Hours

Support during normal business hours (Mon – Fri, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. CST) is available via telephone, email, and fax. You may call, email or fax your favorite support person, but there could be a delay if that person is on a long call, working on a special project, in a meeting, etc. An alternative is to ask for the next available person OR email When you do this your email goes to a common inbox we call the Queue. Calls not to a specific support person, emails to, and all faxes are taken in the order received. However, we do scan the calls and emails to see if anyone is down so that call / email can be given priority.


Include name, company’s name, and phone number in all requests. You’d be surprised how many emails we get from Gmail, Hotmail, etc. accounts that are just signed with a first name and we have no idea what company is emailing us.

If you have your IT company call or email make sure they know to identify the company they are representing.

Have RCC Support up and running waiting for us to log on. If you don’t have a shortcut for RCC Support and/or don’t know what this is then please ask your support representative.

When you call and have to leave a message, give us as much information as feasible in a phone message. When you email us give us all the information you can. Some tips on this:

  • Tell us what version of RCC you are running.
  • Give as much information about the problem as possible. Don’t just say something won’t work or something won’t run. Tell us what happens when you try.
  • If applicable, when did the problem start?
  • Let us know if something significant happened just before your problems started. Ex. New printer installed, changed server, new computer.
  • If you received an error message please include a screen shot or tell us the exact contents of the error message.

This one is important enough to mention twice! Write down or get print screens of error messages. It is better to call us when it is on the screen. This is extremely important. If we don’t know the error message then we can’t help you.

RCC has a Technical Support department that provides support for computer hardware, networking, operating system problems, etc. Therefore, when you call please briefly tell the receptionist why you are calling so you are routed to the correct department. Don’t ask for “tech support” unless you really need to speak to RCC’s Technical Support Department. However, if you are calling because you have a problem with your hardware, network, etc. then you SHOULD ask for “tech support”. 

When you leave a message for your favorite support person tell them briefly what you are calling about. There may be times they are unavailable for an extended period and if they know what the call is about they can forward the call to the most appropriate person.