Rural Computer Consultants has teamed up with TRAK-1 to bring about a better process for identifying the right people for your company.  You can be assured that through a professional, accredited, and compliant background check service, your decision to hire will be made easier because you are backed by their best data available.  Data is provided with speed, accuracy, and with affordable pricing. 


Safe, Secure & Stress-free.

You can have full assurance that they have taken every measure to deliver a background screening services that will free you from thoughts of safety or security issues for your team or the people you serve.  They bring you accuracy, peace of mind, and reduce risk.  May TRAK-1 talk about your concerns or questions?  Call them today at 1-800-600-8999, and tell them that Rural Computer sent you.


You Want It When . . . YES, We Can!

Truth be told, most screens are returned very quickly, except your requests, right?  85% come back to you right away and the others within 24-48 hours from slow court reporting in hard to get to places.  BUT, the difference is in how you are taken care of in their process!  Their  LIVE USA operators are pleased to take your call, and are empowered to get your solution. 


Wouldn’t that be refreshing?  Give them a try!  Send your information, and talk to them about your situation! Again, 1-800-600-8999, and ask for sales, and tell them RCC sent you!



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