We are now hiring multiple positions at Rural Computer Consultants, Inc.

We are a family owned company that develops and supports our back-office software primarily for fuel companies. It's a fun and challenging learning environment with emphasis on customer support and problem solving.

Check out our website for more of a description on the job and to apply!

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3 weeks ago

Rural Computer Consultants, Inc. - Fuel Distribution System

They call this work but we think it’s like one big party with our RCC family! Having a great time learning new things in Atlanta before the big NPGA convention this weekend. ...

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👎Hackers are going to Hack; Spammers are going to Spam 👎

NEVER and I mean NEVER click on a suspicious link in an email. Here at RCC, we try our darndest to protect our employees and our companies from harmful cyber situations. Every once in a while one will sneak through to our inbox.

Check out this screenshot from an email I got this morning. These are some crafty people whoever created this email. Not only did it get through our spam filter, it also looks (almost) legit!

There are some signs that you should be aware of that may help you from preventing a full blown cyber-attack on your computer.

1) Pay close attention to the return email address. They got Susie's name right but the email address is not even close
2) Look at the link it wants me to click. Looks like a bunch of mumbo jumbo with the word ACH-FORM thrown in the middle. If it looks suspicous - DON'T CLICK IT
3) Susie wouldn't send me this type of email to begin with. If anything looks off, it is better to pick up your cellular device and just call the person asking if they sent it. Chances are, they didn't. ...

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Check out what the South office got for lunch today thanks to Chef Barry Barksdale. Think this was enough food for 7 people? 👍

We like our food! 😂 ...

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1 month ago

Rural Computer Consultants, Inc. - Fuel Distribution System

Fridays are the best! Thanks to Jess B #1 and Steph for preparing these bakes yesterday for the North office Friday breakfast. 🤗 ...

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