Mobile Workstation


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Handle all of your budgets, contracts and pricing on the go. Automatically images delivery tickets


Customer Inquiry

Look up all customer account information, including delivery history, payments and notes from the field

Service Work Orders

Manage your SWOs, including Gas Checks and Lease Agreements, and make necessary changes on the go

Cylinder Exchange

Keep track of your cylinders by either barcoding or tracking by count

Meter Readings

Easily key in and upload meter readings


What are customers saying?


RCC’s Mogo has allowed our company to increase both driver and office productivity. Our drivers have reacted positively to the change; daily deliveries have increased, and what used to take a half-day of data entry is reduced to less than 15 minutes. The time saved by integrating trucks and software has easily saved our company over thirty man hours per week. 

Brooks Gas – Marshfield, MO


We at Krist LP Gas made a big decision smack dab in middle of the harsh Upper Peninsula winter to switch from our past provider to the New RCC MOGO System. Due to the nature and urgency of the situation, RCC staff was flown-in from Bird Island, MN the very same day. Within a matter of two hours from the deciding telephone call, RCC was on-site, had our first truck up-fitted, and we were ready to deliver!

I must also note, we at Krist utilize a number of older drivers who were not raised in the “digital age”, thus finding a system that was easy to understand and operate was paramount. I was astonished to find that it only took a simple overview for our driver’s to dive in and begin using this system efficiently.

The term "user friendly" comes to mind frequently while using the MOGO delivery system. Having experienced past systems, I could think of no other than RCC for our software and hardware needs.  


Krist Oil - Iron River, MI