MEMO              : Support Guidelines  

ORIG DATE      : 1/1/1998

LAST REV        : 2/13/2008

TO                     : RCC Customers

FROM               : Susan Peterson

SUBJECT          : Support Guidelines Reminder

Hours for support are Mon - Fri, 8AM - 5PM CST
If a user is TOTALLY DOWN (meaning can do NO work in RCC).
The call is to be returned within the hour.
Typically this would be a system crash or possibly a hardware failure, or possibly a communication lock for our remote plus customers.
It is absolutely imperative that users do not abuse this, by calling and claiming to be totally down, when they are not.

If a user is partially down.
The call is to be returned within 4 hours.
A 'partially down' customer is one that cannot work in one area, but is still able to proceed and work in other areas of RCC.

If a user just wants information
The call is to be queued and returned when possible.
The scenario here would be possibly a new feature or item that the user wants to start using, or wants more info on how it works, or how to set it up. Our staff tries to return all calls within the day, even the 'info only' calls. But there are times of the year that these calls may require a longer wait.

If you are not receiving support within the above guidelines, please contact Management at RCC