MEMO            : XO010

ORIG DATE : 09/29/2009

LAST REV     : 12/02/2009

TO                   : ArchiveXpress Customers

FROM            : Jason A Buetow

SUBJECT       : Backing up ArchiveXpress Images and data                       




1.      ArchiveXpress 2.0 or later  (referred to as AX)

2.      A backup system capable of backing up SQL databases

3.      A writable optical drive (CD or DVD writer)

Who is this memo for:

1.      Managers or persons in charge of computers at companies running AX.

2.      IT consultants/System Vendors for RCC Customers using AX.



            ArchiveXpress stores information in two places. The first is the images themselves. The second is the data pointers for the images.  The data pointers are stored in an SQL database. Both the images and SQL database need to be backed up at the same time in order for a good restore of AX data to be done.


Backing up images:

            Your RCC backup should include both the \rcc\ax_imaging and \rcc\d1 folders. If those folders, and all subfolders are included in your backup, then you can be sure the images are being backed up properly. (Please note, if you have more than one set of data, please check with RCC to be sure all your datasets are included in your backup. The folder names may be \rcc\B001\ or \rcc\D2, etc.


Backing up  the SQL database.

            The AX SQL databases are small. However, if you do not back them up, your images have no value. So, please be sure the SQL databases are backed up. There are two sets of files that need to be backed up: AXSystemDB and D1. Both need to be selected for backup. These files can be in one of two locations: c:\program files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\data or x:\rcc\AX_Imaging. Please make sure the data files are selected for back up.


Backup up to CD/DVD.

            AX has its own backup feature built into it. It backs up a “legal copy” to non-rewritable CD or DVD. All Insurance companies SHOULD be using this function. Propane companies can use their discretion on using this function. The feature will back up all the images you’ve added to AX since the last CD backup. It will also save a complete copy of the SQL database to the disk. Please contact your RCC Software Support staff if you have questions on running this optical disk backup.


If you would like RCC Tech support to check your AX backup, or any other backups, please contact us and we will be happy to do so.