MEMO              : FTPS AnyClient  

ORIG DATE      : 2/16/2009

LAST REV        : 2/16/2009

TO                     : RCC Customers

FROM               : Jason Buetow

SUBJECT          : AnyClient FTPS Setup

These instructions will help you connect with RCC’s SSL encrypted FTPS site. You will need a user name and password from RCC in order to connect with our FTPS server. If you have data to send to RCC and would like to use FTPS, please contact RCC support to get a FTPS account created.

First, download the file

Once downloaded, run the file.

Click Next

If you accept the agreement, click “I accept the agreement” and click next.

Click Next

Change the icons creation if you like, then click Next. Most users will just click Next.

Uncheck if you don’t want an icon on your desktop. Click Next.

Click Finish.


AnyClient will open


Click on File, Site Manager

Click New

First, change “new site” to RCC FTPS on the left.

In the Host area, type “”.  Do not type the quotes

Below host, fill in the user name and password provided by RCC support. Ex: rurgas for user name

Last, change the Connection Type to “FTP/Implicit SSL”

Now click connect


Click Accept and Save. You are connected to RCC’s secure FTP host.

The list of files on the left is your computer. The right side is the files in your own personal folder here at RCC. No other FTP user has access to these files but you.

Use the arrow keys in the middle to send files to RCC, or to pull files from RCC.


After you are done moving files, you can disconnect and close AnyClient.


If you have questions, please call the Technical Support Department at RCC, 1-877-568-4585.