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The RCC North building is located directly across the street from the public elementary school and on the other side of the street is the private elementary school, which educates students from three surrounding towns. Every morning between September and June when the RCC north office staff begin to arrive at work, we share the small city street in Bird Island with school buses and parents dropping children off for school. Driving past these buildings and seeing the families on a daily basis is a motivating reminder of a fundamental pillar of RCC… Being a family orientated business. As some examples: we are a family run business, we consider every employee a part of our family, and we treat all our customers as family. This is truly what makes RCC the industry leader of support.

In 1952, Fabe Sheehan started a small propane company in Bird Island, MN and named it Sheehan’s Gas Company. As the propane company grew, as is common with small businesses, the family became extremely involved. Whether that involvement was forced or voluntary may be a matter of opinion among his wife, Lorraine, and their eight children. If you were to ask any of the eight Sheehan children what their fondest childhood memories are, it would always include riding with Fabe in the bulk truck. Fabe always preached a key business model to his children and that was service. Providing excellent and timely service creates lifelong customers. The ability and willingness to do anything to make those customers happy is what makes them a family. The 3 youngest Sheehan children (Kevin, Susie, and Brian) took this business model to heart.

Over the years, one of the Sheehan children (Mike) took over Sheehan’s Gas Company for Fabe. Starting in 1979, Brian and Kevin set up shop with a computer in the back room of Sheehan’s Gas Company with the intent of making life a little easier for their dad Fabian and brother Mike. As the years moved on the computers became smaller and RCC grew larger. Along the way, their sister Susie came on board as a mediator between the two brothers. Acquisitions happened and additional staff were brought on board which continued to grow the RCC family. Today, there are 53 staff in 3 main offices (Bird Island, MN, Birmingham, AL, and Portland, ME). If you are interested in meeting any of our employees, browse through the ‘contact us’ area of our web page or better yet come to one of our RCC seminars to meet some of the staff in person!

RCC HEader

If anyone is interested in signing up for our summer seminars, contact our sales department ( The scheduled locations for the 2018 seminars are listed below:

  • Atlanta, Georgia – April 5th – 6th
  • Reno, Nevada – May 15th-16th
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota - June 11th – 14th

Through the training process our staff and customers many times develop a bond that makes both parties truly feel this family feeling.

RCC would like to thank all those in our large family of staff, customers, and vendors. It is truly amazing watching RCC grow and adapt as the years have gone on. We couldn’t have done this without all of you!

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