Employee Weekly Profile – Kevin Sheehan

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Random Kevin facts:

  • His perfect weekend would consist of crashing, getting work done around home and reading
  • He has interests in anything computers as well as watching the TV show ‘Survivor’ and reading historic books for origin of US.
  • His favorite TV show growing up was ‘Hogan’s Heroes’
  • Loves Fruit Loops
  • Has an Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler). Qbert likes to visit the RCC office when Kevin comes to work.

Kevin Sheehan is one of the original founders of Rural Computer Consultants. RCC was started back in 1979 (37 years ago). However, his experience in the propane industry can be traced back to being 8 years old and spending his time minding the Sheehan’s Gas office on Saturdays. While growing RCC into the business it is today, he has had many roles within the company. These range from programming to salesman. Of all the roles he’s played in bringing RCC to the company it is today, his favorite has been programming. If Kevin was in complete control and could do anything he wanted (without repercussions) for one day, he states the one change he would make would be to remove his brother Brian Sheehan from the office (joking). However, the third sibling Susie would not allow this to happen.

Before Kevin started up RCC, he worked in the data processing field. This work ranged from being an employee for the largest turkey conglomerate in the world to teaching a college class about data processing. At one time he even worked for a company that built the biggest and most powerful computers in the world. I guess you could say he has always had a knack for computers and data processing.

One of Kevin’s biggest passions is the Minnesota Wild. When asked what he would do if he could have any job in the world he says, “I cannot think of anywhere or anything better than RCC, unless I could be owner of the Minnesota Wild hockey team!”

Hockey runs deep in Kevin’s family as well. Each of his 3 children all played hockey at one point in their lives. Dan, age 39, played on the first hockey team for his high school and ran cross-country. He is now in the tech industry.  Tessa, age 32, played on the first girl’s high school hockey team as well as danced. She is currently working for a large retailer at their corporate headquarters. Erin, age 25, played hockey as well and ran cross-country. She now teaches hockey to youth.  Notice all of Kevin’s children are 7 years apart. That must be Kevin’s lucky number. Kevin has been married for 34 years after first meeting his wife as they were both walking down the street. After they passed each other they both turned back to get a second look. It may not have been love at first sight but it was most certainly love at second glance.

Kevin Family

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