The Fuel Company’s Halloween Scare: RUNOUTS!

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As Halloween is fast approaching, it brings back memories of our younger years where all there was to fear were the ghouls and monsters that go bump in the night. Yet, every Halloween night we braved these sometimes irrational fears to don our favorite costume and go door to door searching for the pot of gold that was the full size candy bar. As we grow up we still don our favorite costumes to laugh with friends and family but our fears begin to subside. The irrational fear of being devoured by these ghouls and monsters begins to diminish as we find each has its own weakness. The werewolf can be slain by a silver bullet, the vampire with a steak or simple garlic, the zombie with one swift blow to the head. But that leaves a burning question “What scares us now?”

                For our staff in Minnesota, many may say they are scared of the eerily life like doll in Freddie’s office. We all fear that on October 31st it will come alive and re-enact scenes from Chuckie. As fuel people, we all have that one thing in the back of our minds that keeps us up at night. The fear of the 1 am call from a customer who has run out. Just like those monsters and ghouls from our childhood, these run outs have a weakness as well. In RCC we use data and analytics as well as multiple scheduling methods to prevent these run outs.

Here are some of the scheduling methods we can use to prevent these scary run outs:

  • Fill by Day Cycles
  • Fill by Day Schedule code
  • Fill by Week Cycles
  • Fill by Calendar
  • Degree Day forecasting

Even with all of these tools at our fingertips, there are still what we like to call our customer’s worst nightmare out there. The customers that prefer to be kept on Will Call. Muhahahaha! However, even within RCC we offer a way to monitor these customers called Scheduled Will Call. With this method you can monitor the will call customers tank % and send friendly reminders to check tank levels and call for delivery if needed.

Everyone knows that with the coming of Halloween means winter is right on its heels. Using scheduling methods in any form can help all fuel companies sleep a little better at night. As Halloween fast approaches, RCC wishes everyone a frightastic and safe time. We hope everyone finds the house that gives out king size candy bars.

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